Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.0.2

20060120.jpgYahoo! Widget Engine(旧称:Konfabulator)が3.0.2にバージョンアップしました。バージョンアップの内容はバグ修正(特にMac版)がメインだと思われます。

僕個人としては時計Widgetを作成している都合上、いつもデスクトップに時計Widgetを表示した状態にしているのですが、MacでYahoo! Widget Engineを使っている人ってどの位いるんだろう?

Version 3.0.2 (Macintosh)

* Fixed bug which cause HUD-only Widgets not to work correctly.
* Fixed bug which caused hOffset and vOffset in XML for Windows not to be honored (causing some Widgets to display “off screen” and not visible).
* Fixed occasional hang when editing preferences.
* Removed restriction on dragging windows above the screen (a few pixels of the window always remain visible so it can moved again).
* Report -1 when no network connection to yahooLogin for Purple Box (Yahoo! Login).
* Allow null parameter to be passed to Send() in XMLHttpRequest for compatibility with other browsers.
* Improved behavior when displays are disconnected and reconnected.
* Fixed bug where TextArea.thumbColor causes an error on the Mac but not on Windows.
* Fixed bug which caused horizontal scrollbars not to work.
* Fixed problem where ‘this’ was not being set in a context menu’s onSelect function.
* Fixed issue which corrupted secure preferences under certain circumstances.
* Fixed bug which caused focusWidget() to make the main window visible even if another window is already visible.
* Fixed bug which caused window positions to be lost when the Widget fails to display due to an error.
* Fixed some issues with the Finnish localization.
* Fixed product name displayed in Debug Window.

Version 3.0.2 (Windows)

* Fixed problem upgrading non-admin preferences, etc.
* Fixed annoying weirdness in InstallShield installer which yielded a ‘missing dll’ error.



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